Should you be interested in collaboration - let's talk! Our first conversation is the most important. We discuss key project assumptions, cooperation terms, explain the design process and dispel all doubts. This conversation is the starting point for the preparation of an offer, which includes: the scope of the project, expected timeline, and design work quotation. Once the offer is accepted, we sign the contract, and you transfer the advance payment. Now we start something amazing!

This is the most exciting stage of the project. We focus primarily on your needs, lifestyle, and preferences that will shape your future interior. Furthermore, I prepare functional layouts and a mood board with inspirations that outline the aesthetics of the project. They aim to determine the palette of colors and materials that will create the overall atmosphere of your home.

Upon the concept acceptance, I create a 3d model of the designed space, necessary to produce realistic visualizations. They intend to show the ultimate picture of your interior.

After applying the last minor changes and accepting the visualizations, I prepare the executive design for contractors that consists of technical drawings (including electrics, plumbing, wall and floor cladding, carpentry structures). These are indispensable elements in the project implementation. Along with the drawings, you will receive a cost estimate containing a list of wall and floor coverings, furniture, lighting fixtures, and fittings.

This is the final stage of the project, which guarantees top quality. My presence at the construction site, will ensure that all works are carried out per the design. As a result, you save time and unnecessary nerves.
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